The Hilarious Paradox of Understanding Our Reality

About 5:30 this morning something woke me up unexpectedly. Whether it was a dog barking or a truck honking its horn or even a sound at all, I cannot remember. The part I remember so clearly is my reaction to the dream I had just been having. It was a profound understanding wrapped in a nice bundle of laughter. 

I had been dreaming about... well, things and scenery that kept changing in that fluid easy-come easy-go manner that dreams have, but the last part involved broken glass, a woman who had dropped one of those tiny-ships-in-a-bottle. I can't say if I was the woman or just observing. But the scene quickly melted into us at a film studio. She and I were trying to set up an impossibly useless and inept tripod. Really, this thing had no point and had been engineered by someone in the 2-5 years-old range, but it's a dream so of course it's just a normal part of life...

I can't completely fill you in on all the details because the scenery and people kept oozing from one thing to the next, but at some point that woman found herself in trouble with the boss. She was getting an earful. Then I went over and somehow we were back to the room with the broken glass. At that point I understood that the woman was actually the widow of the owner of the production company! So I asked her how she ended up being yelled at by this production manager or whoever it was, and about the broken glass. So, she proceeded to explain it all to me:

It was gibberish. Technically, it was english. And, technically, there was proper grammar, but I had no freaking clue what she was saying. In fact, it was so frustrating trying to understand, that I started getting a dream-headache.

Then I woke up.

I sat up, confused about what she said, and thought to myself, "That was so strange! What was she saying? Since I was the dreamer, some part of me should know what it was she was saying. After all, they were actually my words coming from her mouth. Maybe I can remember and decipher her message..."

And then I started laughing. "How funny that I was the one dreaming, creating the scene, and speaking the words, and yet I couldn't understand what I had created!"

That's when it hit me: That's life! We create everything around us and yet we can't always understand our own creation. Life is confusing: There's a code that we can't seem to crack. People speak in tongues to us, and we are disconnected from everything that happens around us, seemingly subject to worldly tides. But all we have to do is understand that there is no possible disconnection, our higher Self does know the Code, because it's what created everything we experience. 

We created the Lock, so of course we have the Key.